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#EcoCheckPack Guide - 52 Weeks To Go Green

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January 2022 Start Your EcoCheck 
Tips on cutting carbon and saving money for a healthier lifestyle & Planet

NATURE: Being in touch with nature is good for our mental health. Take a walk in the woods or local park. Name as many trees as you can and learn new names. Adopt a tree and plant one in a pot, plot or garden. Click on the links at end of each section for info; -  
Woodlands Trust Tree ID App

ENERGY: Home energy costs have soared, so making savings on energy is important. Note your monthly energy Gas /ElectricIty /other energy consumption.  If no smart meter - check you not being overcharged!  Wear warm clothes. Keep heating at 18 deg  C max
Great tips here;- Energy Savings Trust

COMMUNITY: Volunteer in your local community and give your time to help others. Check in on elderly neighbours. Ring someone you haven't seen in ages to wish them well or drop New Year wish note through their door
Take part  and Buy Local - support your local businesses

TRANSPORT: Most people don't NEED a car in a city. Give it up or join a car share. Use public transport. Get a bike, electric bike or walk yourself fit. Count your monthly personal miles in all travel. Cycling has many benefits, from saving money on fuel or public transport, to reducing pollution. It boosts your health in numerous ways

HEALTH: Covid Pandemic has affected everyone. Best Scientific advise is to Get vaccinated + Boosted to protect loved ones, the elderly and those at risk. Keep fit during restricted times with 20 minute daily walk. Walk all the streets within 1 mile of your home
Get Fit for Free 

#EcoCheckPack designed by Angela Brady since 2007 encouraging school kids & family awareness in Cutting CO2 & saving our planet

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